Automation Testing In The Retail Sector

Automation testing in the retail sector can bring numerous benefits, helping to improve the quality, efficiency, and reliability of software applications and systems. Here are some key areas where automation te...

Automation testing in the retail sector (2)

Importance of Test Artifacts in Automation Testing

Test artifacts play a crucial role in automation testing by providing structure, documentation, and traceability to the testing process. They serve several important purposes: Test Planning and Strategy: Te... (5)

Leading Bank : Customer Success Story

ABOUT CUSTOMER : Our Customer has a long-established reputation for excellence in the areas of corporate and commercial banking. It intended to perform Technical upgrade for its Temenos T24 Core Banking Syst... (4)

Leading General Insurance – Customer Success Story

ABOUT CUSTOMER : The client is the leading general insurance provider in the United Arab Emirates and the Middle East with an extensive branch network, operations in Turkey, Oman, Qatar and Iraq. CHALLENG...


Leading Telecom Provider – Customer Success Story

ABOUT CUSTOMER : Our Customer is one of the UAE’s leading telecommunications operator and one of the largest corporations in the GCC. Headquartered in Abu Dhabi, UAE, it serves 11.6 million residential... (1)


END TO END TESTING End-to-end software testing is a comprehensive testing approach in which the entire software application or system is tested as a whole, from start to finish. The goal of end-to-end testin...

8 Pitfalls To Avoid Failure In Digital Tansformation

Digital transformation initiatives can face various challenges, and there are several common pitfalls that can lead to failure if not addressed appropriately. Here are some of the key pitfalls to be aware of: ...

Digitalization In The Banking Sector

Advantages of Digitalization in the Banking Sector

DIGITALIZATION IN THE BANKING SECTOR Digitalization has changed everything in the world. Digitalization enables automation, increases data quality, and structures all that data. So, we can use advanced technolo...

Why RPA is important for the insurance industry?

Why RPA is necessary in INSURANCE INDUSTRY?

Why RPA is important for the insurance industry? Insurance is a growing industry. It offers numerous services to users that one cannot list. But this comes with a baggage of paperwork. Paperwork is an unavoidab...


Automation is highly efficient. Not only are automated systems quicker than humans, but they also are more reliable and accurate. Programmed commands enable machines to give you a steadfast level of quality in ...